Quickie Update: Oct. 3– To Gosford

Quickie Update 3 Days ago: Arrived at Newcastle under some stormy clouds and wind. Luckily, didn’t get rained on. Spent two days with a cool warmshowers host. 1 day ago: Kept heading south. Saw a rustic pub among the new developments. Had to stop, of course. Then stealth camped that evening in the woods somewhere. …

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Quickie Update: Sept. 30– Ferry from Hawks Nest to Nelson Bay

Quickie Update I’m heading to Newcastle, New South Wales, today. Have to get on the ferry to head south from the town of Hawks Nest, where I stayed the night. (One of several ferries on this trip.) Now less than 150 miles to Sydney. I’m getting sad.

Quickie Update: Sept. 28– Neranie Campground

Staying at Neranie Campground in Myall Lakes National Park, New South Wales, today. Heading to the town of Hawks Nest across from Nelson Bay tomorrow. Less than 200 miles to Sydney– end of trip. 😢

How I Spent My Birthday

September 23 was a memorable day. It was of course my birthday; I turned 66. But on this day, two friends showed up which made my day complete. The day started off joyfully. I woke up in the tropical forest that was Hat Head National Park. I enjoyed that spot because of all the verdant …

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Hospitable People On My Ride South

People have been so generous of their time and resources as I’ve toured the eastern area. Meeting people is partially why I bicycle-tour. Bicycle-touring somehow facilitates meeting people and brings out the generosity in humans. Some I have met through the site warmshowers, where bike tourers share their home with one another. Others I have …

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