Tag: Injustice

Germs of the Australia Ride #1

Why does one go on an extensive bike ride?  For the Australia Ride, there were a number of catalysts. Here is one. TRACKS: THE MOVIE Over three years ago, I chanced upon a movie called “Tracks.” The main character, Robyn Davidson, a spiritually sensitive soul, ends up in Alice Springs, a town literally in the …

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Has She Had Menopause Yet?

“Has she had menopause yet?”  This tell-tale question would be the main indicator leading the lawyers to not pick up the case of Ruth’s death. In a March 26, 2015 LA Times report, a young plaintiff named Anna Rahm won $28 million compensation against Kaiser Permanente for a medical error doctors committed.  At issue was …

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In the Aftermath of a Rape

You know the scenario.  Following the horror and trauma of a heinous rape, the victim goes to the authorities to try to get some redress for the tragedy that just happened.  But the person in charge glibly responds, “Well, you shouldn’t have worn such promiscuous and revealing clothing.” Such a response would be considered heinous …

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