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Germs of the Australia Ride In talking with a woman at King’s Canyon Resort about my trip, I once again was faced with the question most foremost on people’s minds: Why?. She was gracious not to bluntly ask the question but the reason for riding clearly bothered her. Finally, she just blurted out, “Are you …

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A Fascination with English Culture

Germs of the Australia Ride “It’s the Queen’s highway, for God’s sake!”Harry, the owner of the caravan park in Coolgardie, Western Australia when I told him that the Aboriginal Land Council had denied me a permit to ride the Great Central Road. I admit that I have a fascination with English culture. This has many …

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Germs of the Australia Ride #1

Why does one go on an extensive bike ride?  For the Australia Ride, there were a number of catalysts. Here is one. TRACKS: THE MOVIE Over three years ago, I chanced upon a movie called “Tracks.” The main character, Robyn Davidson, a spiritually sensitive soul, ends up in Alice Springs, a town literally in the …

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