My name is Thuan.  I used to be married.  My wife, Ruth, died in January 2010.  Suddenly.  Now I live by myself.

I first started a blog as a way to communicate with friends the course I was taking to resolve the matter of Ruth’s death.  After a while, I stopped writing about those developments, and didn’t want to write anything.  Nowadays, I decided to write occasionally.  The event of my wife’s death altered my perspective on life– my life direction, my worldview, my social circle, my daily patterns.  Everything I think about these days are about what this life is like–  after Ruth.


    • Heidi Bishop on May 1, 2015 at 9:14 pm
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    Hello, Mr. Vuong. My name is Heidi Bishop. I am the person who was lucky enough to receive Molly, Staphanie’s mother. You may remember meeting me when we had a “family reunion” at a dog park back in 2002 or so. You and your kind family have been on my mind. I am sorry to say my sweet Molly girl passed away in my arms about a month ago after almost 15 years as my loyal and loving shadow. I really wanted you to know that after all this time, I have not forgotten that I would have never had her if it were not for the Vuongs. I am even sorrier to hear about your wife. I read many of your posts and see what pain you are in and at the same time how much love there is for your family. I enjoyed seeing the photos of Staphanie and your daughter – and grandchild! Congratulations. I would love to send you some photos and show you what a difference you and Ruth made with one simple decision to save that sweet mamma dog you saw at the shelter. Please let me know if you would be open to this.

    1. What a wonderful message after all these years. I have sent you an email off-line from this blog.

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