This Site

This blog is simply my place of writing.  The theme, of course, is what I’m doing with my life, in thoughts and action.  I am writing to keep friends in touch with what I’m thinking and doing, for anyone who cares to read, boring though it may be.  And, as I am retired now, I have more time to write.

The blog first started after Ruth’s death, to keep people abreast on my course, both in the matter of her death and my own life.  As years passed, the issue of Ruth’s death, while not gone, faded in urgency. I stopped writing.  But occasionally I write tidbits elsewhere (not blogging) so I decided to merge some of that into this one blog.  Nowadays it is essentially what is on my mind, as I learn to live alone and deal with life coming out of that.

As this site is public, I will, of course, only write things that I am willing to put on the public side.  There are many other facets of my life which I share privately on an individual basis.  For those pieces, you’d have to call and hang out with me face-to-face.  Coffee, anyone?