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The Perversity of “Respectable People”

I wrote this piece a while back, but refrained from posting it.  Now I decided to put it up. Reliving the Kavanaugh Syndrome A few weeks ago, I found myself, like many people, irritated with the Kavanaugh debacle unfolding on Capitol Hill.  The gut feeling was so irksome that I’ve had to sit myself down …

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Like Afghanistan

In my bereavement group, there are widows and widowers whose spouse had died of cancer.  Many talked about the rough last months and days before their spouse succumbed to cancer. One person expressed that those were very difficult times.  But as if to assure herself and us that the there were others who suffered harder …

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An Asian Departure

My mother passed away today.  She was 88. And in Viet-Nam. I wept all day.  For a life that had suffered a lot. Through wars and strife and sorrow. But the ending was calm. The death was expected.  I got the call on a few days earlier, notifying me that my mother was fading. I …

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