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I’m Home

I am now back in Los Angeles. On October 12, 10 am, I boarded Qantas QF11 in Sydney and headed home to Los Angeles. I came to my house around 7:30 am, October 12, and surprised everyone there. I goofed as to my arrival time, telling everyone that I would be home at 7:30 pm, …

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The End of the Road

I have arrived in Sydney. Having reached the endpoint of my ride, I am sad in a way. No more new delights. No more new destinations. No more new discoveries. The last day began drearily, befitting of the mood. I started off late because I was waiting for the rain to abate. I pretty much …

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denouement: the final part of a play, film, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved. The ride southward toward Sydney from around Brisbane has had a distinctly different feeling from my Outback Ride. One can definitely describe my Australia ride as two rides: one …

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Quickie Update: October 5– Sydney

Quickie Update On October 5, I will leave Gosford and bike to the northwestern section of Sydney (Marsfield). That will end my ride. In Sydney, I will stay in two places. In the second place, I will tend to the task of boxing up my bicycle. On October 12, I will fly home.

Quickie Update: Oct. 3– To Gosford

Quickie Update 3 Days ago: Arrived at Newcastle under some stormy clouds and wind. Luckily, didn’t get rained on. Spent two days with a cool warmshowers host. 1 day ago: Kept heading south. Saw a rustic pub among the new developments. Had to stop, of course. Then stealth camped that evening in the woods somewhere. …

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