Thuan’s Australia Ride (So Far)

This map shows the basic route where I have been as of the last update.

LAST UPDATE: 10-10-2019

(Please note that this map is not updated in real time. It is only updated whenever I have a high-speed internet connection. For a real time location of the last seven days, go here.)

Full Annotated Map: If you want to see the same map, but with points as to where I stopped each day, go here.

How to use the map (same as Google Maps)

  • Use the + and – buttons to increase or decrease the scale of the map. Finer details will appear as you hone in on the map.
  • To move around the map: Place the cursor anywhere on the map, press the mouse, and move around. On a tablet or touch screen, place two fingers on the map and move around.