About The Categories

Every blog either needs a topic or an organization of some kind. Since I am writing about anything that comes to mind regarding my life (such a broad topic!), I opted to find some kind of organization to group the topic.  Here’s an explanation:

Home and Family: Stuff about my immediate surroundings– people immediately around me, my physical location and anything about my surroundings.  Probably the topic most people come here for.

Travel and Biking: News about the stuff I’m doing in my retirement years– something I like to do.

Life and Culture: Meditating on life and culture is something I do.  I’m not sure I can say I “like” to do it; it just happens.  Most of the time, I don’t put it down in writing.  But sometimes I do. Lucky you (the reader)– or maybe not.

Later Years: When I hit 60 years old, I noticed myself thinking more about end of life matters– not just about death and dying, but about how it’s been different (and quite so) from the earlier phases of my life.  Instead of calling it “Aging,” “Getting Old,” “Being A Senior,” which seems to carry a negative connotation in society, I decided to simply call it “Later Years.”

Healthcare Thoughts: Why is this topic here? Ever since Ruth’s death, I have come to see that the state of health-care reflects the moral state of a nation.  In the U.S., we have sunk so low.  What can I do about it? I don’t know.  But since it occupies my thoughts, it has a category of its own here.

Random Stuff of Mine: If it doesn’t fit in any of the above, there is always the “Miscellaenous” category.  My mind is always flitting about.

Ruth is still prominent with me.  But instead of putting material related to her as one category on this site, she has her own area at ruth.vuongs.net