I’m Home

I am now back in Los Angeles.

On October 12, 10 am, I boarded Qantas QF11 in Sydney and headed home to Los Angeles.

Comin’ into Los Angeles, bringin’ in a couple of …… Sad to be home? Maybe.

I came to my house around 7:30 am, October 12, and surprised everyone there. I goofed as to my arrival time, telling everyone that I would be home at 7:30 pm, October 12. I only realized my egregious error– that I was off by 12 hours– about a half hour into the flight. What a stupid mistake! There was no way to let people back home know without paying big-time to message someone from the plane. So I decided to just let it be.

My son-in-law was to pick me up at the airport. But since I had the wrong time, I just decided to catch an Uber home. It was Saturday. Everyone in the house was still sleeping.


A surprise end to a long trip.

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