Random Images Along the Way 8

Townsville to Brisbane

Quickie Update: Sept. 12– NSW-QLD Border

Quickie Update Riding through the busy town of Coolangatta, Queensland, I arrive at the New South Wales border. So now I’m entering the last state before flying home. New South Wales is my fifth and final state to ride.

My Mail Ride With Ivan

Ivan, the owner of the Mingela Hotel, asked if I wanted a ride from Ravenswood to the Burdekin Dam Campground, a distance of 50 miles. I’ve refused rides a number of times when people asked me if I wanted a lift. To me, there is no need for a ride in a motorized vehicle if …

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Cows Are “Human” Too

Looking at the immobile penned-in cows in the USA, I used to not think twice about them, just thinking they were docile unintelligent creatures. But here in Australia, because of the huge expanse of the cattle stations, the cows roam freely. In that environment I was able to observe them naturally– and came to see …

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Random Images Along the Way 7

Winton to Townsville