A Bikeabout?

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. ~Martin Buber At the very end of the movie Walkabout, the young protagonist, standing among people of civilized society, looks around with sad eyes. The audience knows exactly what she is thinking: I don’t belong here any more. Walkabout is an arthouse movie about …

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I’m Home

I am now back in Los Angeles. On October 12, 10 am, I boarded Qantas QF11 in Sydney and headed home to Los Angeles. I came to my house around 7:30 am, October 12, and surprised everyone there. I goofed as to my arrival time, telling everyone that I would be home at 7:30 pm, …

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The End of the Road

I have arrived in Sydney. Having reached the endpoint of my ride, I am sad in a way. No more new delights. No more new destinations. No more new discoveries. The last day began drearily, befitting of the mood. I started off late because I was waiting for the rain to abate. I pretty much …

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denouement: the final part of a play, film, or narrative in which the strands of the plot are drawn together and matters are explained or resolved. The ride southward toward Sydney from around Brisbane has had a distinctly different feeling from my Outback Ride. One can definitely describe my Australia ride as two rides: one …

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Quickie Update: October 5– Sydney

Quickie Update On October 5, I will leave Gosford and bike to the northwestern section of Sydney (Marsfield). That will end my ride. In Sydney, I will stay in two places. In the second place, I will tend to the task of boxing up my bicycle. On October 12, I will fly home.