Hospitable People On My Ride South

People have been so generous of their time and resources as I’ve toured the eastern area. Meeting people is partially why I bicycle-tour. Bicycle-touring somehow facilitates meeting people and brings out the generosity in humans.

Chris and Cathy
Peter and Kay

Some I have met through the site warmshowers, where bike tourers share their home with one another. Others I have met on the road and who have invited me to stay in their home. But all have done it for no reason other than being kind.

Keith and Sylvia
Matthew and Adi, with children Faris and Nina

With some of these people, I stayed one night. With others, I stayed two nights. And with others, I was there four days. Many told me to stay as long as I needed.

Steve and Jenny
Philip and Natalia, with children Melaleuca and Kurrajong

What each of them has taught me will always be with me as I return home. And the lessons have been manifold and unique. I learned so much from them– their culture and values. Perhaps in the future I can write down what I have learned from them. But for now I will just delight in the pleasure of having met them and stayed with them. My ride south owes a lot of its joy from their presence.

Peter and Gael

I have about two weeks left now before I end my trip and fly home. And yet there are more people I have yet to meet. I look forward to the next few weeks.

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